Friday, April 6, 2012

How I beat the distance!

I won't have time to write a proper post until this weekend, so I am posting something I guest posted a while back! Sorry loves, just know I have some AWESOME posts coming up for April!

I want to talk to you about 5 ways to keep a relationship healthy.
But first, let me give you a little background of my lovely boyfriend and I...

We met on April 16, 2010. On Chat Roulette.
If you don't know what that is, consider yourself lucky!

We were in an on/off relationship until July 30.
We decided it was time to man up and be there for each other all the time.

August 26-31. I went to visit him. 
From Ohio to Connecticut.
Never meeting before.
It was amazing.
A month later I was supposed to start college..we realized it was going to be 4 months until we could be together again.
At the earliest, that is.
It was torture!

I started getting sick.
Almost died.
Had Pancreatitis and had to get my gall bladder removed.
At 18.
This has to got to the most UNATTRACTIVE picture of me in existence. You know I love you now.

I ended up not being able to start school and moved to Connecticut.
I didn't really have the approval of those around me.
Sometimes love has a way of working out the kinks :)
In June 2011, we moved to Ohio.
(If he knew this was up, I would probably be sleeping on the couch right now!)

We lost a baby together in Fall 2011.
& Now, we just try and live our life as full of love as possible.

Now, on with the actual purpose of this post!!

A lot of times when Dustin and I argue, it is because one of us hurt the others feelings or said something stupid. If I would just say, "Babe when you tell me that buying baby clothes is stupid, it really makes me upset. It is how I cope with losing Izzy." then we probably wouldn't have gotten into an argument ending with one of us leaving the room.

Let's be honest, do we always talk it out? No way. But we try, and since we both made that a point, our arguments are few and far between :)
 Have fun
Sometimes you just need to do some crazy things to keep the love flowing.
(That was kind of something awkward to say wasn't it? I say things a lot that Dustin hates, like "one fell swoop" Why!?)
Last Thanksgiving, we decided to make a fort above our bed with Christmas lights inside, and even our tv! We left it up for a couple weeks and it was so much fun to act like a little kid again!

Right now we are on a Superhero movie kick, so we have dinner/movie/popcorn nights pretty much once a week :)

It's not a competition
I noticed in the beginning of our relationship, that we would compare what the other did to get out of things. Like Dustin would say(before I got a job), "All you did was clean the kitchen and cook dinner, I was in school all day! You can take the trash out tonight."
I never thought it was fair and did it right back.
But see, in a relationship, not all things are fair. It's called compromise.
 Dustin always takes out the trash.
I always do our laundry.
We try to be fair with who does what, so one person doesn't feel overwhelmed.

Be Creative
I am currently making Dustin a notebook.
I write to him sometimes, fill it with quotes, pictures of us, pictures of cute puppies(come on, i can't help myself!), and stuff I find online.
I have made him love coupons, (you pick the movie/dinner date/breakfast in bed).
It is a cute way to show him that he is special to me and I am thinking about him.
(Pinterest is a great place to find ideas, and you can follow me here. I have a board called Create with tons of ideas in it!)

I am not going to go into much detail on this one.
I know this may be a point of controversy for some people; if so please just ignore this last tidbit :)

I honestly feel like having some sort of sex life, and being excited about it helps our relationship.
That's all I am going to put out there on the internet.

I realize now, I use too many smiles, I'm not funny, and I love parentheses too much! I hope I didn't bore you by my super duper long, sappy story!

xoxo Meghan

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