Friday, April 27, 2012

17 : The Trip

Usually on my birthday, my mom will buy me ONE present.
An iPod. A Bike. A computer. 
Well this particular year, I wanted an airline ticket.
And I got one!
It was the first time I flew alone and I was only 16 when I flew so I qualified for
Unaccompanied Minor.
Yup. You read that right.
My mom paid extra so I would get extra care because she was scared.
I was happy she did because Orlando airport is crazy so embarrassed. 
Didn't she know I was about to be 17?
Have you ever flown airtran before? They are my favorite airline except for Southwest!
They had awesome service, and were soooo nice! Oh and cheap ;)

 Oh right, so why did I wanna go?
To meet this girl.
 You see, Shawna's a nerd.
She plays World of Warcraft.
So does my mom.
And I did then.
That's how we strangers but best friends.
Like you and me right? Yes you, quit denying it.
You love me!
 Please pay no mind to what I'm wearing.
What's in the Build A Bear box you ask?
Uhh My Hannah Montana Bear, that's what!

So I begged. And begged.
Like any 16 soon-to-be 17 year old would do.
And she agreed and bought the ticket!
Right now you may be saying "WHAT?!!?"
She let her daughter fly states away to stay with a stranger?!?!
Well yeah, and it sounds sketchy but it wasn't!
Shawna has a son named Tao and oh gosh is he a cutie.
And last year she had a baby girl Brielle who I have yet to meet.
Uh...anyone wanna fly me to FL? ;)
That big blue space in the back is the ocean, I was completely terrified! 
There were tropical storms and we had to go wayyy out in the water to avoid them.
I was convinced I was going to die!

Well that's all I got for my 17th Birthday!
Thanks for checking it out :)

xoxo Meghan

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Sue said...

This looks like a great birthday present!

Salena @ A Little Piece of Me said...

Why does she look so familiar to me?! Is she from Hawaii or been to Hawaii?

What a great birthday! :)