Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The First Baby + A winner!

Once upon a time, I was obsessed with babies,
When I was younger, my love for babies was an odd obsession.
Like bad.

I was a weird barbie player.
They would have deaths, teen pregnancy, multiples, affairs...
whatever got me the most Kelly dolls and eventually the baby ones!

But one time in school we had to "write a book".

Here's Mine:

The First Baby
By Meghan

"This is a baby. Once the baby learned to run and walk. The baby was the first baby ever. So they lived happy and that's the first baby. So that's how she was born."
"The baby's mom broke her arm. The baby broke its arm too. The baby's mom did not know what to do. So what do we do now? Well what do we do? What do we do!"
 "They called the doctor so they could get a cast. They got their wish."
(Is it just me or does it look like I drew a gravestone? And what happened to the baby?!)

So now that you know I was a weird child, 
I have a giveaway winner to announce!

Are you Brittany Hendler?

If so, I will be sending you an email shortly with information!


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ad Space Extravaganza

This is my version of wooing you to come hang out on my sidebar!

Go here and fill out the info via passion fruit if you so please :)

And enter this to get some awesome space while you're at it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

It ends in 3 days so get to entering!

xoxo Meghan 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

**DIY Guest Post**

Right about now, I am either at a soccer game, or on my way to a soccer game. 
I can't wait to share pictures and the story of my miracle nephew :)
But for now, I want you to meet one of my awesome sponsors and see her DIY!

Hello! My name is mK and I blog over at From The Guest Room! I am thrilled to be guest posting for Meghan today! Over at my blog, I love to write about life, fashion, food, hospitality, faith and much much more! I hope you will stop by! One thing I love doing is finding a good deal, and even better then a good deal --- is paying zippo and making something cool out of another thing I might just throw away!

I saw potential in a wine bottle I had a while back! I love the look of old bottles and I also love the look of yarn, so put 'em together and you've got this beautiful up-cycled vase! To start, you'll need to gather just a few things: yarn of your color choice. I used thick yarn in green because I have a lot of greens and yellows in my dinning room. You'll also need a paint brush, some Modge Podge, a glue gun and glue stick and of course, an empty, clean wine bottle. I reccomend a nice Riesling bottle because, well, it taste good while cleaning it out! Wink Wink!

After your bottle is clean, cover it in Modge Podge. You might want to do this in phases depending on how fast you can move because the glue tends to dry quickly. Next, you will need to glue one end of the yarn to the bottom edge of the bottle.

Begin wrapping the yarn tightly to the bottle. For best results, keep each layer close to the next!

When you reach the top, glue the other end! Allow it to dry completely. Then, fill it with something pretty! I chose to add twigs to mine as I love the look of raw materials mixed with something pretty! I keep it in the center of my dinning room table along with a few other items for show! 

Enjoy! And, I hope you'll come introduce yourself over at my blog! I'd love it! ♥, mK
How cute is that?!
Go leave her some love on her blog and I'll be back soon with TONS of pictures from this weekend.
[And the past 2 weeks, don't judge!]
xoxo Meghan

Friday, May 25, 2012

What's in your bag?

I know you just saw into my fridge, 
but it's almost 2am and this is as good as it gets.

Plus when I saw Heather was planning this link up I knew I had to join in :)

The Bag:
I got this purse a year or two ago at American Eagle.
LOVE it!!
(We have ugly sheets because the boyfriend spilled syrup on them....)

Front Pocket:
1. Shine it Forward Card via The Shine Project
2. My go-to face products! (Check out my review here)
3. Kiss my Face in Peach...No idea where I got it, but I want more! Do you use this? Where'd you get it!?

1. Awesome Wallet I got in a gift swap!
2. Come on...I need some touch ups sometimes ;)
3. Cute little notebook I won in a giveaway! (I honestly don't remember who sent this, but I know they are from Australia and I have been dying to figure out you know!?)
4. BEST.LOTION.EVER. Got it at's just a small thing. I need more!
5. Random Gum I found the other day. Win :)
6. Travel First Aid Kit...see below!

Travel First Aid:
1. GasX...never know when you might need it ;)
2. Random Band-Aids and Bio Freeze (including captain america and wolverine :D)
3. Uhh, sometime my ladyparts(or a friends) might need some attention too!
[Dustin totally got mad at me for including this one in the picture!]
4. Anti-Diarrhea pills Random green pills, and almost gone allergy pills.
Plus some hair ties, cough drops, and motrin.

Now you know how I roll...
but what's your bag look like?


Peep Please!

Have you met Jes from Two Smuppies?
If you haven't, 
Sucks to suck!

She is one of my bloggy favs, and lets be honest,
I wish my experience with flowsephina could be half as entertaining!
[Or not. But really...]

So without any more awkward text,
My Fridge.

Full Body Shot ;)
This whole shelf is usually dedicated to drink, but I spy some butter an yogurt hiding back there!

1. Our HUGE jug of even has a pump. I mean that's normal right?
2. Cran-Grape Juice. My addiction. I go through 2-5 GALLONS a week. I may have a problem :/
3. My puppy, aka Delilah, thinks she needs special food. This crap stinks!

1. This entire drawer is cheese. 4 bags, and 2 packs of slices. We like cheese!
2. Our obscene amount of lunch meat, we got 2 more containers today.
3. My mom and her girlfriend(the evil stepmother...forrealzz) only drink pop.
4. I made some apple crisp!
5. Boyfriend likes his BBQ rice...gross...looks like worms!
6. Random can of beer someone gave me for my mom to try. It's been there since New Years.

1. I like to keep desserts around so I keep my "chip" options open.
2. Baby current snack of choice.
3. Our drawer of random. That pie crust is from Thanksgiving. We don't eat cool whip. You get the gist? I wouldn't serve this stuff when you come visit, promise!

I think you can tell what most of this is!

1. Did I mention we like cheese?
2. Pear Butter! You know, like Apple Butter? (I haven't tried it, but I plan to force it on the boyfriend toast sometime in the near future, in case you care..)
3. Teriyaki Sauce. The Boy insisted we get it. Yuck!

Again, I think you get the gist of the majority of the fridge.

1. Taco Bell's Ranchero Sauce. The Boy nearly died when he saw it, thus why it is on the door of our fridge. (Barely used in case you were wondering)
2. Momma's Humira. Wanna hear a funny story? Before we moved we had dog vaccines, flu vaccines, and Humira in our fridge. You never know what you'll find living with a nurse ;)

I am super nosy, and loved going through everyone else's fridges ;)
Hope you enjoy mine!

Sorry for posting so late, you'll see another post I scheduled for this evening!
I'm going to be busy 90% of the weekend, so sorry if things get behind 'round here!

xoxo Meghan

Two Smuppies

Monday, May 21, 2012

E.L.F. Cosmetics!

I have heard a lot of things about E.L.F. Cosmetics.
Or, Eyes.Lips.Face.

Both good and bad.

But for the price, I wanted to find out myself.

 Everything pictured about cost me $15 with a free shipping code.
And if you join their email list, they are constantly offering sales!
So here's what I got:
1. Mineral Foundation, this was not for me though, so no review on this one :(
2. Zit Zapper, at $1 each I knew it was something I had to buy for me and my soulie to test out!
3. Brightening Eyeliner in Black
4. Hypershine Lipgloss, don't remember the color (more on this later!)
5. Shine Eraser sheets!
6. Eyelash Curler
7. Matte Nailpolish Top Coat
Shine Eraser Sheets:
I have tried so many different brands, I have a super oily face!
And this brand isn't bad! I prefer the clean&clear ones, but I do like these more than Mary Kay!
My only complaint is they kinda rip/disintegrate the more oil they pick up.
But they did their job and that's what really matters!
Eyelash Curler:
Uhh well, it's still in it's package. Sorry! I will have to post again on it once I try it!
But it did come with a replacement pad which was nice :)

Brightening Eyeliner:
First off, this stuff is as waterproof as it gets and it doesn't even say waterproof on it!
I'm not sure that it does any "brightening" of my eyes though...not sure what to expect anyways ;)
It goes on flawlessly, lasts all day, doesn't smudge, and it's only $1!
Hypershine Lipgloss:
I am not a big lip gloss/lip stick kind of girl, I'm happy with my Soft Lips, but I am realllly wanting something with a little more color. So I figured I couldn't beat this!
I put it on, and hated it. HATED it. 
It smelled bad, it was sticky, not just at first, the whole 15 minutes I left it on.
It tasted bad(what? I used to love my tasty chapsticks :P)
And the brush part already lost bristles after one use!
It went straight in the trash.
I'm bummed too!

Zit Zapper:
After using this a couple times a day, for a few days, I noticed a HUGE improvement!
(I plan to do a whole post on what I use with my face, and how horrible I break out)
I tend to get this HUGE pimples on my chin/jaw line, usually one or two a month, no big deal right?
They never go away! They are huge and gross and yuck!
Well after a day of using this(probably 3 times) it shrank to half it's size!
I was beyond happy with this product :)

(first, you see that crumb in my bed? Yeah, toddlers and doritos aren't allowed in the bed anymore!)
Matte Nail Finisher:
I don't have a picture of my nails, because I am saving that for it's own post.
But at $2 a bottle this stuff is to die for!
It's almost instant, dries super fast, and it goes a LONG way.
It's funny, the same day I bought this I saw some at wal-mart and it was only $1.50, and I was thinking "Dang, cheaper and no shipping cost!?"
But it SUCKED!
So happy I got this :)

Also am I the only one who "tests" nail polish out at the store? I feel like now that I shared that I'm gonna look like I steal things or something...Hmmm. 
I hope you don't see it that way! haha

Have you tried E.L.F. Cosmetics before?
What do you think?
Have any other cheap but nice quality makeup you use?
I'm on the lookout!

xoxo Meghan

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My 100th & Mcdonalds

This is my 100th post!


Since this is such a milestone, I decided that I should talk about something very important to me...
Cherry Berry Chillers.

No really. 
I've had 3 in less than 18 hours.
[I was also having a girls night with lots of fast food and tv, but still]

Also, I just think it needs to be said that their rewards program is awesome!
Between my Soulie and I, we've already gotten a free drink!

In case you didn't know,
I live in a fairly small hick town.
Last night when we went to McDonalds the first time, we noticed that they started to do construction to add a second drive thru. No biggie right?

Well, the drive thru box thingy(technical term right?)
was out in the road on a piece of wood with pink tape holding it in place.

When we went back the second time, there was a sign on the order thing, that said 
"Please pull to first window to order"
then, on the window it said,
"Honk for service!"
Oh gosh, only here!

As if that wasn't enough,
they cut down all the poor trees!

So how about that for my 100th post?!

Come back tomorrow for something of some actual substance ;)

xoxo Meghan

Friday, May 18, 2012

May Featured Sponsor

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Oh boy that's a hard one. I have to say my children. They inspire me to be a better person. To be a better mother. To be closer to God. They inspire my creativity and show me what it's like to be a kid again!
 What is your all time favorite song?
My favorite song is always changing but right now I would have to say is - Miranda Lambert heart like mine.
 If everyone had to read one book in their life, what do you think it should be and why?
As a book lover I cringe at having to pick JUST one!! Your one tough cookie. ;) Hmmm I would have to go with the bible. There is a wealth of information in it and I don't think you would ever feel the same way about what you read more than once. There is always a new message hidden within the words and it speaks to everyone differently.
 Did you do anything special for Mother's Day this year?
I consider it special if that counts! I got to spend the day with my beautiful children that made me a momma & with my husband {who I don't get enough time with}. I got to see my momma and my in laws! Hubby & the boys took me shopping and out to a late lunch. It was a really nice day. :)
 Tell me a little known fact about you:
Hmm... I love music. Depending on my mood will depend on the type of music I listen to in the moment. But for the most part I like all types. Country, hip hop, rock, christian.. really there is good songs in just about every category!

And Cassie is also offering one of you lucky readers A medium ad space in June, 
and a custom subway art from her shop ccy Designs!
Hunger games subway Art
a Rafflecopter giveaway

xoxo Meghan 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wordless Wednesday : Baby Lovin'

 I just can't resist his little face :)
 My two favorite boys <3
 Look at those lips, I die!

 My computer won't let me flip this, sorry!
But look at all that chub :)

 Finally getting hair!
Love our sunshiny days!

 then, she {snapped}

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fawn & Flora Love!

I bought a little thing of fabric ribbon from Fawn & Flora to use for gifts,

Then I won a Fawn&Flora giveaway :)

If you haven't heard of them, wellll,
sucks to be you!

Just kidding, go check them out!

xoxo Meghan

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Money Hungry

I seriously think that people are just money hungry these days!

If you follow me on twitter, 
you know a couple days ago I got a bill from the school I withdrew from.
A bill.
And I was specifically told I was in the clear with them, no money owed.
 Almost 2 months ago at that!

I am beyond upset and angry.
I don't have $880 to shell out!
I paid them Almost 30 grand for the crappy education I got.

Okay enough ranting, 
I love the school, I really do.
It's just a lot of people at the school.
And the amount of money they are constantly trying to get from you.

I'm unsure where I am going this fall.
Ohio State?
I want to be there.
I love the small campus(it's a branch).
I would love living away from home again.
But I can't get ahold of anyone in housing.
I don't want to live without Dustin, again.

Or a small Tech School here to finish my Gen Eds?
It's right next to my mom's work.
It's cheap as crap!
I can stay at home.
I can work again!

What do you think?

 Even after all the discouragement and troubles I've gone through since High School,
I still want to go to college. I still want to be a teach.

And I just got an awesome opportunity,
and some hope for people in this world that aren't money hungry.

They contacted me to write this post, but even if they hadn't, I would probably still be writing this.

They are dirt cheap.
And I mean that!

Psychology, David G. Myers, 1429215976 

I had to use this Psychology book last semester.
Our bookstore only offered it to us brand new and I paid...
Well they have it for $20 a semester!

How ridiculous was my bookstore?
I will never be getting books anywhere else again!

And as if that is not good enough, 
they also partner with.. 

Since partnering with them, they have donated over 1,000 life changing surgeries!
Are they not the best company ever?
I sure think so!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

9 years ago

"Lately, I've been feeling like I'm sinking. I don't know if it is just part of the grief process or what. But, it sucks.
I'll be doing something completely simple, and then I will get this sinking feeling in my chest. And, it feels like my whole body is just overcome with sadness. To the point where I am afraid to breathe. Because really...This cannot be my life."  

Erika posted that on her blog shortly after she lost her dad.
My heart sank. 
I remember that feeling.
I hate that feeling.
Sometimes I still get it.

Through the roller coaster posts of her losing her dad, I cried for her.
I cried for baby El.
Do I know them?
Nope. I read her blog. 
I comment even less.
No matter how much I wanted to reach out to her, I couldnt.
But now I wish I had.

9 years ago today, I lost the greatest man in my life.
My Dad.


I don't have any pictures of him on my computer right now,
and this is not all I want to say.
But for today, this is enough.
Miss you Dad!


Monday, May 7, 2012


I tell myself over and over again that it's okay to miss a post.
I would rather give you guys something genuine,
than meaningless crap just to have something.

I was really sick last week.
Think Bronchitis,
head cold,
tummy issues.
Yeah, not fun!

I am feeling much better now!
[Thanks everyone for the get well wishes!]

I have bought/recieved a lot of things the past couple weeks,
and I can't wait to share them with you!

And those of you I have yet to email back, 

I am working on it slowly but surely.

And last buy not least,
Since I have yet to get your button up,
(I'm planning on doing it today!)
I'm going to keep you up the rest of this month,
June, and July!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

So I look like a man?

I've seen this Doppelganger thing floating around lately and decided to try it myself.
No matter what pictures I used,
I got tons of men!

I tried 3 other not shown, but these were the best :)


linking with:
A Mommas Desires and Pacifiers

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sponsor Information

Today I am going to share my Sponsor Experiences with you guys.
The good,
The Bad,
And The Ugly.
And oh yes, there has been some ugly. 

 Pinned Image

The Good:
I made the switch to Passion Fruit Ads this month,
and so far I love it!
It is so much easier than inputting alllllll the coding yourself.
With Passion Fruit, you enter ONE code!

So from this point on, I will NOT be asking for button codes through email, I'm going to ask you to please fill out a sponsor form here, and I will email for any additional information needed.

&If you notice, I am going to have ONE feature blogger a month, who gets a special post dedicated to them with more information than traditional sponsors :)

The Bad:

I tried doing Google Docs for sponsor information this month, because Cassie does,
and well she just seems so dang organized.
Well guess what?
I hated it. More than anything I have done in the blog world.
I will never be doing it again.

I am currently looking for a better way to organize my sponsor information?
What do you do?
I would love to know! 
Comment or email me and share your secrets!

The Ugly:

Sponsor Spotlight posts are nice, I love 'em.
However, I kinda need my sponsors to get me their info.
I know sometimes life gets in the way (it sure does with me!).

But I had some people I had to email 5 times before I got their info.
I had to move them twice!

So I am going to do 1 or 2 sponsor spotlight posts instead of one every Saturday.

And I am limiting guest posting to the first 4 people who say they want to and I will allow one a week :)

blog blog blog 


P.S. Soon there will be something NEW and BIG on this blog, so keep your eyes open!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight&A winner!

 I want to apologize deeply for the delay in getting this post up, I was out all weekend for my birthday and then I got really sick!
I'm current;y trying to get things back in order. And May Sponsors will be up asap! 

I have some great posts and reviews coming up, but if it is a little quiet around here just know I'm working on feeling better and giving you my all!


Ronida from Fun and Ruins!
My favorite post:

Favorite blogger:
Erin at Living In Yellow 

Why I blog:
I've always love talking and writing. Sometimes, there are just too many things in my mind that I would really like to share to other people but because talking is a little straining (in my part and in the part of my listeners, lol), I have to find a way for me to effectively flush out all the messy ideas in my head. And I found blogger. Finally, a wonderful place for me to talk about the things I love and dream and an extraordinary way to meet amazing people

An experience that would make me pee:
Bungee jumping! This is my ultimate dream but I still think that if ever this thing will happen in the near future, I might faint or something and yes, there's a 99.9% possibility of me peeing my pants. ;)


Okay, I just started reading this blog, I'm not going to lie.
But I love it, and look how cute she is?!

My Favorite Post:

Favorite blogger:
Ooo that is a tough one. I follow so many good ones, but the one I've been following the longest is probably Casey

Why you blog:
I blog because its cheaper than a therapist. I blog because it is a open diary of my life's up and downs. I blog for advertising. I blog because my friends do (being honest). I blog because I love it. 

An experience that would make me pee:
So I was a week past my due date with my second daughter and my husband kept saying he was going to scare the baby out of me...So one day he made it his mission and kept hiding around corners and doors and scaring the crap out of me ALL DAY LONG! I seriously peed myself a few times. He is a funny guy.

Sarah from Forever God's Princess

My favorite post:
My favorite post I've written would be

Favorite Blogger:
Jess or Aunie.

Why you Blog:
I blog because I want to share the love of Jesus with others, near and far. HE loves us all so much, and there are so many people out there who need to know that someone cares!  I was impressed that i needed to witness to others about Jesus and how He died for our sins!! I felt the best way to do that would be to have a blog. I am so glad i started blogging!!!! It's been a great outlet for me, and I've "met" some AWESOME people!!!!

An Experience that would make me pee:
Hummmm, I think if I saw a Grizzly Bear standing on its hind legs right in front of me, I would definitely pee my pants!!! Haha!
Jennifer from My Adventures Through Mommyhood! 

Favorite post written
my favorite post I've written is when I shared about my life as a mom with rheumatoid arthritis. I haven't ever really opened up about it to anyone outside my family, so it was nice to get it out there. share my story and give hope to others. It's not an easy thing to live with but its livable :)

Favorite Blogger
I have many, Little Miss Nerd Girl, Absolute Mommy, J&M's Eyecandy, Miss Mommy. All genuine real mamas who's blogs I love to read, and am so glad to know in the bloggy world.

Why do you Blog
I blog because I love being able to share my experiences as a mom. none are ever the same but can be relateable, and its nice to let others know they aren't alone. Its also a way for me to document our lives, so that one day Lj can go back and read all about the stuff he did and said

Experience to make me pee:
 An acquaintance of mine is always rude and judgmental towards everyone. I was at her bridal shower she was being a bridezilla, I wanted to say something but didn't. Just then she started to walk away from us and she was walking backwards and she slipped and fell into the pool. Everyone busted out into laughter. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. She was so pissed. It was great!


And the winner of my birthday giveaway is:

Salena from A Little Piece Of Me!

Congrats girl! Thanks everyone for donating AND entering!

xoxo Meghan