Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight!

This is my first post introducing my lovely sponsors for this month :)
I will have one every Saturday so you can learn a little about the ladies on my sidebar!

Meet Cassie from Live Laugh L0ve!
She was the first blogger who contacted me after winning my first giveaway.
I was sooo excited about winning and getting my prizes(laaame!).
I creeper her blog forever, because we all know I am a creep :)
She has a cute little shop, right now it is closed but I cannot wait until she opens it back up!

Your favorite post YOU have written?
Favorite blogger? Casey Leigh If i have to choose just one it's her. But I have a couple of others that are my favorite.Skye and Digger
Why you blog? I blog to share our journey through this crazy beautiful thing called life. I blog in hopes that one day I will get my blog printed out and my boys will reader when they are older. I blog because I have always loved to write.
If you saw/experienced something that made you pee your pants, what would it be? Lol ummm If i saw an actual dinosaur - I think I would pee my pants. Good thing they don't exist. ;)


This is Meghan from They call her Meghan!
Oh gosh, this girl! I love her to death already!
For starters, we are the same age, same name, our lives are oddly similar!
We both love Tenth Avenue North- woohoo!
And we text and tweet, I am so blessed to call her my friend!

Favorite Post You've written?
This one right hurr...Smalltown USA!

Favorite Blogger? 
I have to pick just one? I love your blog for sure, I love Meghan over @ Shine On

Why do you blog?
I blog because I want somewhere to keep my thoughts in a semi-organized manner and because my sister slash best friend sometimes just doesn't care to hear what I have to say!  

If you saw/experienced something that made you pee your pants, what would it be?
 If I peed my pants, it probably would be because Mady said something that made me laugh so hard I'm crying, and then the next step is laughing so hard I cry AND pee my pants.  #truestory.  

Meet Brooke from Covered in Grace!
She is a new bloggy buddy!
She has been so supportive and uplifting through the tough times, and she even featured me on her blog for a Monday Meet-Up! 

Your favorite post YOU have written?
This is tough. I'm gravitating toward a few and feel like I should name off some of my faith posts. 
But really, I think my ultimate favorite is a post called
It has this warm, memory lane, nostalgic feel to it. Every time I think of it I start singing "everybody's feel good..." 

Favorite blogger?
Meghan! This one is too hard! Haha.
Ok... if I have to name ONE today, I'll just name one OF my favorite bloggers. 
Lately I am really loving all the posts coming out of The Hollie Rogue
Andi is the lady behind the blog there and she writes with such conviction and authenticity.
Her heart for the Lord is beautiful and open. Definitely check her out.  

Why you blog?
I first began my blog to develop an everyday writing habit. I figured that it was a good way to keep my brain wrapped up  in the writing process. It has evolved and grown like crazy and now I feel situated {for the most part} in my faith writing and photos and such. I still blog to keep up the habit, but now I am focused on writing for God and his purposes and fellowshipping with other faith bloggers! My About Me page covers this a bit more.  

If you saw/experienced something that made you pee your pants, what would it be?
Haha! Ok...I have a few. Yuck, right? A couple of them had to do with passing out after cutting my finger & passing out just after donating blood. Total pee pants when you pass out.. But the good one, the funny one that I'll share, just had to do with me being a scaredy cat. 
 When I was 13, I was playing hide and go seek with my brothers and sisters and a couple of my friends. It was dark {pitch black} outside. And my DAD was IT. Yikes. So all 9 of us were huddled on the side of the house up against the fence. We were trying to be so quiet. All of a sudden there was an awful, horrible monster roaring and shaking the fence as he was climbing over it to get us all. I'm sure the neighbors thought there was some sort of massacre happening in our backyard. You've never heard screams like that before. I was so freaked out that yes... I peed my pants.


This is Hailey from Baby Baker Love!
I just recently started reading her blog and talking to her!
She has been so nice and her son is ADORABLE!

Your favorite post YOU have written?
My favorite post I have ever written was my son's birth story:

Favorite Blogger?
Nat The Fat Rat & The Wiegand's

Why you blog?
I started my blog while I was pregnant with my baby boy and have had so much fun chronicling our life events and the craziness that is motherhood! I'm usually blogging about new mommy mishaps and such, but I like to throw in other random ramblings as life brings them up along the way! I enjoy writing about our days together and love having these little family memories stored away.

If you saw/experienced something that made you pee your pants, what would it be?
Almost anything when I was pregnant!


Thank you to all my sponsors and to you, the readers!
Please go check them out and give them some love!

xoxo Meghan

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