Monday, April 9, 2012

**GUEST POST** Cassie

Today I have a guest post from one of my lovely sponsors, Cassie!
She has a wonderful blog, and a cute little shop!
Unfortunately she is taking a break from her shop, but I can't wait until it comes back!
I was lucky enough to win a print from her in a giveaway and it is ADORABLE!
Alright, enough from me, here she is!

One of my favorite seasons! :) I should probably introduce myself before I get into all of the goodness of why I love spring. I'm Cassie.
& I blog over at Live.Laugh.L0ve. I love Jesus. I'm a wife to an amazing man and we have two beautiful little boys. I love to write - really, my dream is to be a published author & I dance in the rain. I'm shy, quiet & deep until you get to know me then I'm slightly loud, bubbly and outgoing. Pizza is hands down the best food in the world and the color red is my favorite color. The laughter of my children is music to my ears and date nights with my husband are a must! I also own a little shop called ccy designs that im taking a temporary break from, it will be back though! After you find out why I love I'm talking {big puffy heart} love spring - come say hello! 
1. I get to watch God's beautiful creations come to life. Oh hands down this my favorite part. Getting to watch all of those beautiful flowers bloom, the grass turn green & the birds start to sing - it's perfection.
{Via} 2. Getting to do yard work and prop my feet up outside after I'm done. Not only do I love making the yard pretty - I love getting to put my feet up, grab my favorite drink, sit down next to the hubs & watch the kids play in the yard. It makes all the hard work - completely worth it.
3. Getting to enjoy the sunsets. I am obsessed with the sky and in the winter it is wayyy to cold most nights to get to go outside and just enjoy them. Spring means I get to take the time to enjoy something I find breathtaking.
4. Being outside in general. We are definitly outside people. My kids love the outdoors ever more than I do. Here is Texas spring is warm enough to play outside in shorts, heck even to work on my tan. ;) We have already begun playing outside more, taking walks and of course tanning - because I'm whitey mccgee and that's going to change this summer I tell ya!
5. Two special things happen in spring that I love. First - Jay's birthday. This year he wants to go to the zoo and sense it's the time of year where that is a perfect way to spend the day that's what we will be doing & we are all so excited about it. Yeah I love the zoo. #ifeellikeakidagain. Second - Easter. I love any holiday really but getting to celebrate Jesus Resurrecting and teaching my little tots about it - is the best part of it all.
So there is my five reasons I love spring! Tell me your favorite thing about spring! Thank you so much Meghan for having me here today! It has been SO much fun!


Koala Bear Writer said...

I love spring for the flowers, like you (and we get lots of flowers here in Victoria), and because we can play outside more without having to bundle up. Spring also makes me want to start hiking, biking, and kayaking again. :)

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

@Koala Bear Writer - Aren't flowers & being outside the best?! :) Ooo that sounds like alot of fun - I would love to go hiking!

Danielle-Marie said...

Hey, I'm your newest follower, I found you over at the Monday Meet Up.

I love the spring. After being cooped up indoors all winter it's just great to get some fresh air. I love spring flowers too. Tulips, purdy!