21 Before 22

I've seen a lot of people doing these "__ Before __ " Lists, and they seem like a lot of fun.
So here goes nothing!
  1.  Get my License
  2.  Go to a concert
  3.  Get Engaged (hint hint!)
  4.  Host a Movie Night
  5.  Go Square Dancing with my Grandpa
  6.  Get an apartment
  7.  Buy furniture
  8.  Visit Connecticut
  9. Housewarming Party
  10.  Make a meal 100% from scratch
  11.  Play in the river
  12.  Finish General Education Courses
  13.  Get a Pet
  14.  Get family photos taken
  15.  Visit my Great-Grandma
  16.  Buy a lottery ticket
  17. Attend a blog conference
  18.  Go to the Zoo
  19.  Make Ice Cream
  20. Blonde Hair
  21. Go to IKEA
My goal is to blog about each one of these and have a link next to them as I cross them off,
then you can follow my progress too!

Completed Goals:

Do something as a family [Ye Olde Mill]
Go to a club/bar
Meet a blogger
Visit my Dad's grave
Throw a Party


Designs By Emily F said...

This is such a good idea! I'll be 21 in August so I'm definitely going to have to do this! :)

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Awesome Meghan!! Love these lists!!