Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canvas Nursery Art!

About a month ago we had a craft party!
We all brought snacks, made punch, and ordered pizza.
Each one of us brought the supplies for a craft to share with the others.

This one was our canvas art project, 
we decided to use paint&glitter and come up with something awesome :)
 My canvas is the black one in the bottom right.
You know, the one sopping wet with paint.
But the Nursery one I made is the gray one above mine.

I used masking tape to put the letters
X + A
on it.
[Xavier and Arianna]

Then I covered the entire thing with mod podge,
dumped a TON of glitter on it and waited a few minutes.
Once I peeled the tape off this is what we saw. 
[For the glitter part we did it inside a cookie sheet so we could save extra and not make a huge mess]

Here is the final product!
All cleaned up and sealed on.

What was the verdict with mommy?
She loved it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Learning new things

 My aunt started dabbling into cake decorating and fondant in the past year,
and somehow that turned in to me dabbling by her side ;)

This is a cake we made for my niece Brenna's second birthday!

Sure it could be better,
but I love it!
It's cuter than your average cake,
but not as expensive as a fancy one!

Not to mention it's fun.

The best part though is the look on her face :)

This past weekend my nephew Caleb turned 5!
I have a few posts in store for his birthday,
including his Super Mario cake!

The next post about Jay Brannan's concert is coming soon!
And TWO giveaways for a total of THREE winners!

Friday, September 14, 2012


Just popping in for a quick Photo Challenge!

The theme is 
&I just love how you can see ours behind us <3

Oh and in case you hadn't heard,
there was a little announcement on facebook about
a giveaway!
With TWO winners!

Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Curious

I have a BIG announcement.

But first, a little random facts about me.

I'm terrified of butterflies.
  I moved 12 hours away to live with my boyfriend of 5 months.
 I can't wait to have babies, I would tomorrow if possible.
  90% of my family is not even related to me.
 Ashlee and I have a VERY unhealthy friendship :) We like it that way!
 To this day, Simple Plan is my favorite band.
My guilty pleasure is watching chick flicks.
I won't let my feet hang off the bed because of the "monster" underneath.
 I can successfully go through many levels of COD without ever shooting, it's a gift :)
I was adopted.
My mom is a lesbian, my dad was gay. :D:D
 I refuse to let anyone see my feet without my toenails painted.
Favorite 2 teachers, Ms. Daniels & Mrs. Crumm(who will have their own appearances on here!)
I was a debate geek in high school, and I miss it more than you can imagine.
My favorite books to read are about death/suicide/depression/drugs.
I hated popcorn until my boy's mom ate it all the time and I started to.
I was the messiest person until I had no job, no school, and no life. Now I'm a neat freak.
I hate Jim Carey, Jack Black, and Jane Lynch.
I plan to become a teacher because of my love for kids.
Monopoly=my game.

Now for the announcement....

In November I will be opening a shop!
I'm not going in to many details right now,
but I will let you know,

 it is going to have a Baby Loss line <3
its going to have ever changing content,
(of course I'll keep some things constant,
and it's called....

A Little Curious!

I can't wait to share more with you :)