Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY-Inspiration Jar!

In honor of birthday week, what is better than a DIY project?

I got this lovely idea from Jessica!
(She's also my featured sponsor this month, all the more reason to check her out!(; )

I took scrap papers, and all those lovely quotes from My Words Board on Pinterest, and whipped this together for the Soulie :)

Ta-Da! A simple craft, but one that has some awesome results!
Ashlee was going through t bad break-up at the time and a lot of these quotes made her smile, which was all I wanted :)

She made me one too but it is packed away in the move :(

Hopefully you will be seeing more DIY's around here soon!

xoxo Meghan

 P.S. Happy 77th Birthday Grandpa!
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Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Yay :)
LOVE this!
Thanks for the shout out, girl!

Have a wonderful week!

Sue said...

This is such a cute craft! I'll have to add it to my "list" :)

Sourire11 said...

Hi! So nice to meet another Ohio blogger! Thanks for stopping by Life in Cleveland and I'm glad you liked the Raising Miss Mommy guest post!