Friday, April 13, 2012

**GUEST POST** Mandi

In order to be the change you want to see in yourself (or the world), you have to take a chance. You have to take a leap of faith in yourself and believe you can. Change can be scary and hard, it can also be exciting and promising, but most of all it is constant. 

In the past 7 months I have undergone and taken on several new changes. I had my second daughter 7 months ago. I started training for a 12k (which I am running April 15th). I started a blog. I decided to take the leap and finally open up an Etsy shop (opening June 1st). All of this is in addition to going to school full time and being a stay at home mommy. It may seem impossible to accomplish everything on your current plate let alone add more to it, but for most it is possible to make some changes. It may seem difficult, but if you break it down I spend about 1 hour working out + 4  hours of homework + 3 hours of class lecture + 1/2 hour for my blog + the rest of time going to children, husband and housecleaning. Weekends consist of 2-3 hour workouts, study time, time with family and crafts. Some days I do wonder if the day will ever end but most of the time I am satisfied by remembering why it is important to me. These are my ambitions, some dreams and goals and they are here before me, ready to be achieved. 

With out change your dreams stay dreams. With out change, we grow little and we go through each day just trying to get through it. With change we can see promise beyond the hurdles. A future we want to see our self in, can be in our reach.

I encourage you to think about your dreams and ambitions. I encourage you to take faith in yourself, and make a change. Be it small or big, make a change. Become the change you want to be (see). 

This is me, this is what my blog {Debonair Bandit} is about. Changing my life for the better, overcoming hurdles, inspiring others, creating beautiful things and most of all, sharing my love for this one life I have. 

Thank you so much Meghan, for have me over on your lovely blog! I am truly honored, and so excited to be part of this blogging world meeting all of these wonderful, kind and talented women like YOU.  


Thanks so much for this post Mandi!
I love it more than I can say, you have a powerful voice and I hope you use it just as you imagine <3
Thanks so much for guest posting today!

xoxo Meghan

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