Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Big one!

You see, birthdays around here aren't like normal birthdays.
I have had the same party every year ages 10-18.
People gather in my kitchen, find a way to surprise Grandpa...simple huh?

Well my 18th was particularly special,
because 'ol Gramps was turning 75!

So we surprised him with this little gem:
The entire party, people kept asking why out cake said 1875 when it is 2010.
Hello Awkward Hand. Hello Awesome Grandpa.
And what Birthday is complete with a soulie mirror picture?
We didn't mean to match! Happens often. Twins!
And this bright idea happened when it was wayyy too late. We decided to "camp" in my backyard. Laptops included. And this happened. We can forget this anytime now, kay?

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into the year 1875 our joint party!

xoxo Meghan

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