Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

 The first thing we bought after losing her <3

 Dustin used to call me cupcake and proudly told me that if we had a girl she would be our cupcake :)
 When the feet of sleepers are animals, I snatch them all up!
 Dustin adores kimono onesies and shirts!

 Uhhh How cute is this? 

 The Daddy one was part of Dustin's Valentine's Day Present :)

 Is this not the CUTEST onesie? The little bib detaches!

 <3 Mommy
The first thing I got in the mail after finding out I was pregnant.

xoxo Meghan
 then, she {snapped}


Rosie said...

What a hard thing to have to go through. I have no idea what it must feel like. I have had friends who have lost children and felt their devastation first hand. You're courage to share this, is amazing.

I nominated you for an award. Here are the details:

Rosie xx

Danielle-Marie said...

You picked some beautiful things for your precious angel. Always in your heart. <3

Kristina said...

Awww, what a sweet post. You had a lot of things for her which shows how excited you must have been. How far along were you when you lost her?