Monday, January 23, 2012

Life is complicated...

I have been debating this blog post since October. This is probably one of the hardest things I have done. Writing these words, my heart is breaking. I chose to write this in a public place, a place where I cannot let myself have a panic attack, a place where I must remain calm. At least on the outside.

In October, I had a miscarriage. At home. Alone. Not many people knew I had found out I was pregnant. I was not ready to tell people yet, by the time I was comfortable with it, I lost my baby. I never found out the sex, but in my heart I knew it was a girl. I named her, Isobel Arjana. I bought her clothes, shoes, a blanket. I keep them all hidden away in a bag. I've been meaning to buy a box and make her a memorial box, I am crafty enough and by all means she deserves it. But I never did, no excuses. Every time I go look at the boxes at our craft store I get sad and leave.

Last Thursday, someone I went to High School with(she is still very young) had her twin boys 15 weeks early. My heart broke when I found out one little boy only made it 12 hours. On Saturday, the other one left this world to be with his brother. I will not say their names out of respect and privacy, but I cannot begin to imagine what she is going through right now.

I decided that now is the time to make my little Izzy's memorial box, and since I will already be there, I am going to get her one too. I am not her friend. We do not personally know each other. But she deserves this. Her little boys deserve this. Our mothers work together, and I will give it to her. I will share my story with her while I give her something to hold onto, and maybe one day she can share hers with a heartbroken mommy who needs someone.

She is a mommy. She has two angel babies watching her from above. I hate when people tell me that I am not a mother. I am a mommy, and always will be. She is incredibly strong, and I hope by reaching out to her, I can make a difference. Even if it the tiniest different in her life.

Today I leave you very heavy hearted, Please pray for her heart to heal, and for anyone you know who has lost a child too soon. <3

xoxo, Meghan

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornaments part 2

After I made my girly ornaments for my friend Becka, I had decided that I should make one for another friend at cookie bake, Bennett.

His loves? Green Day, Guitars, The Browns, and Art, and WWE. Honestly it didn't give me a lot to work with, so I chose the Browns.

For his I used 2 orange colors, and brown, and crinkled them up! Unfortunately no glitter in this one ;) And wrote his name on it. He loved it!

-Meghan xoxo

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Christmas Ornaments

I know this is a late post, but hey, it is better late than never!

I have a "Cookie Bake" every year a bit before Christmas. I invite 10-20 people over, and everyone brings $10 or a few ingredients I tell them beforehand, a container, and a secret santa present(partner previously determined of course).
We then spend a good 6 or 7 hours snacking, baking, and creating lots of snacks. This year I baked about 100 saltdough ornaments before the party, and I bought paint and glitter and ribbons and people had make&take ornaments. It was a huge hit! :D

For my Secret Santa, I was with a friend Becka. We are new friends, and don't know too much about each other. I was having a tough time finding something for her, and the limit is $10. I didn't wanna be that person who buys the generic gift set! I got to thinking, and two things she really loves are Twilight, and Taylor Swift.

I went and bought clear glass bulbs and decided to make her some ornaments :)

Her daughter just turned one, and it was an emotional time for her, so I played on the words from "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift (Mom's, if you haven't heard this one, go grab a tissue and youtube it!)

I'm going to be honest, I'm not as creative as I wish I could be, and figuring out how to make a Taylor Swift ornament was NOT an easy task. In the End I took blue and purple scrap paper I had, and cut it into different lengths and widths and crinkle folded it. I am sure that is not an actual term, but that's what I did! And I added some glitter(mind you, when I say some, I really mean half a tube!). On the outside I wrote "Never Grow Up <3 " And tied it with a cute little ribbon :) She also got this ornament :

With this one, I took 2 shades of red, and black scraps and crinkled them. Added some more glitter and wrote "And the lion fell in love with the lamb".

On top of these 2 presents, I had a friend who is a graphic design major make her a custom Taylor Swift collage, and I got her some Sweet Pea body wash from Bath&Body!

The presents & cookie bake were a huge success!!

Until next time,
Meghan xoxo