Saturday, April 7, 2012

Featured Sponsor - Lovely Little Things

Today I want to introduce you to:
Jessica, from Lovely Little Things!
She is one of my favorite bloggers, and you must go check her out!:)
She is so sweet! She was one of the first blogs I ever commented on and she has helped me out with so many blogger problems. Like my  "You may also like.." at the bottom, I had NO clue how to do that until she helped :D

&Her snazzy "About Me" image...but as you see, I have yet to do that...oops!
But if you go to her blog you will be pleasantly surprised by the lack of mess over there, hehe.

Favorite post: My Valentine's Day recap post - Sticky Rice, Red Lips & Lots of Love! :) This is a random post, but I just remember having so much fun putting it together!

Favorite blogger: oh, this is a hard one...I'll go ahead and shout out to my blog BFF Meg :) She blogs over at Sweetly Complicated! She's such a sweetheart and I talk to her almost every single day! We laugh together, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable...all over various social media sites ;) By the way - if you don't have a blog BFF you're missing out!

Why you blog? I blog to stay creative, to appreciate life's little things, and to inspire others!

If you saw/experienced something that made you pee your pants, what would it be? This one is going to make me sound like an awful person, but I promise I'm not! I've always had an issue - when people tell jokes, I don't tend to think it's funny. But there is this one thing that always makes me bust a gut - when people fall! I literally DIE laughing before I can go help them up! It's such a terrible vice of mine, but I just can't help how hilarious I think it is!

Favorite spring trend: Statement necklaces for sure! I can't wait to expand my collection ;)

Item I'm drooling over:In sea foam green....AH!

Thanks Jessica! I am so so happy to have her here this month!
You should hurry over to her blog and check out her Smell The Roses task for this week and see if you can squeeze it in (or just do it next week!).

xoxo Meghan


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

Oh haaaay girl :)
Thanks so much for doing this!
You're just too sweet!

AND I have to tell you - I got a bag like that but for like 1/10 of the price! Target > Fossil lol!


Erin said...

Just love Jessica!! SO sweet.

Love your adorable blog, have a happy and blessed Easter weekend!


jameshornallstar said...

If My friend found out i got a secret crush on her,lol