Sunday, April 15, 2012

SingSong Sunday #2

I know the title is kinda lame, but I really do love my Sundays :)
I have such a wide variety of music, and like some smaller bands, I wanted to share with you!

This is Jay Brannan,
if you have never heard of him, you are seriously missing out.

He is gay,
but he sure doesn't let that define him.

He writes the best songs, and so many speak to me, I have a feeling they would speak to you too!

Normally I would not write so much about one artist, but I have personally met Jay,
every time he comes to Columbus my ex and I go and sell his merch and spend a little time with him.

He really cares about his fans, and spends hours signing autographs and taking pictures after the show.
How awesome is that?

[I wanted to add in, the pictures above, I had just been released from the ICU after a week of getting my gall bladder removed and dealing with pancreatitis...can we say trooper? haha]

So please check him out and leave him some love!
That video will lead you to his youtube, but he has facebook and twitter as well!

xoxo Meghan

P.S. A button is coming soon for this, and if I get enough good feed back, still thinking of a linky :)

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