Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Branching out..

Since leaving High School (almost 2 years ago...where did time go?!), I am slowly losing friends, and now I am down to a small handful. Usually I don't mind at all.

Right now, my only 2 friends in college are leaving. Actually one just left. As I try hard to expand my blog and make it something people love coming to and reading, I realize I need blogger friends too! By sharing my story of my Angel baby, I have gained a few new friendships and I love it!

I also took place in the new year blogging swap,Tabitha and I are late, but we will have our posts up soon! I promise! She is so sweet, and her family is gorgeous, especially her cutie pie son. I am so happy I got paired with her and you MUST check out her blog! If you do, you will see she tagged me, so here goes :)

1. Favorite TV show?
Grey's Anatomy, by far! That show never fails to make me cry after every episode! I remember back in season 2 or 3, the last episode where Denny dies and Izzy just lays there in her beautiful dress crying, I swear I cried for weeks because of that!

2. Guilty pleasure(s)?
Teen Mom, 16 and pregnant, Baby Story, I'm pregnant and...
Okay, Okay, you get the hint. ANY tv show that includes babies. The good, the bad, the fake, I love 'em all!

3. What is your most embarrassing moment?

Ahhh, back in Freshman Science in HS, I said orgasm instead or organism out loud when reading. The boys didn't let me live that one down for a while!

4. If you are a mommy, what has been the hardest part? And more importantly, the best part?
I believe I am a mommy. I always will. The hardest part was losing my baby, not holding her and dressing her and putting her in her bed. It takes a lot to "get over it", and I am slowly adjusting to it. The best part, even now, is buying her things. I still buy her clothes and little toys and blankets. I can't wait to have another little, so I can share with them things from their sister <3

5. Favorite dessert?

Cheesecake! Or anything pumpkin.
I've never had it, but I assume Pumpkin cheesecake would be a huge hit! ;)

6. Your dream date:
Let's be honest here, I am a poor college kid, cheap(even when I'm not poor), and simple. I would love to go on a picnic and visit my dad's grave. Cute little snacky foods, coke in an old glass bottle with paper straws, ahh sounds perfect :)

I don't have many people who follow my blog, or read it, so not sure about my tags!
I tag:
Your Questions:
1)What is your biggest dream?
2)Favorite restaurant?
3)Guilty pleasure(s):
4)What websites are you addicted to?
5)Current creative inspiration(if any):
6)Goals for your summer:

I may be a month late, but my new year's resolution is start blogging more and put my whole heart into this, I have a great Valentine's day post planned plus a few more, I can't wait! :)



Kristina said...

Hey hun! I answered your questions! Check out my blog for the answers :)

Meghan said...

Saw that. Thanks so much hun :)