Monday, February 13, 2012


Today I am thankful for..

...sweet Ellie, she gave me the Liebster award & I couldn't be happier(more on this later!)
...feeling better after a horrible day and being sick.

...getting my student loan money back ;)

...finally filing my taxes. boyfriend planning to surprise me for Valentine's Day. boyfriend helping me put clothes away!

...YOU! Every single person who reads my blog makes me happy. I can't begin to describe the inspiration I get from reading others and the comments on I get on my own posts. Thank you so much!

xoxo Meghan

PS-Many cute posts to come this week!

Oh! And a new look soon :)


Ellie Coburn said...

Meghan! I am so thankful for you also.

Much love and happy Valentines day!

I hope your surprises are just lovely!

Meghan said...

Ellie, Thank you so much! You are so amazing :)
There is a post coming soon ALLLLL about you my dear :)