Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Love

This week I have felt so dissconnected with technology. 
I swear, I have been having an extremely crappy week.
But I know that this weekend my Soulie is coming home :) 
I can't wait! 
So here is my 10 on 10, and Embrace the Camera, and a little Soulie lovee :D

 My friend Zach and I at school...neither of us were very pleased for this picture hehe
 I'm telling you, my phone takes the worst pictures.
But I thought these faucets were awfully pretty for a public bathroom..shows what a $30,000 a year college gets ya ;)
 We are not allowed to have phones in this class, so quickly, me being such a rebel hiding my phone like a coward, snapped this photo.

 Welcome to my, "It's Friday and I am lazy" day :)
 Baby X <3 I cannot get enough of him!
 My two boys :')
(he hates this picture and begged me not to post this, but how could I not?)
 My friends have their laptop hooked up to their 52 inch tv...Wow!
The soulie <3 I will be seeing her lovely face tomorrow! Can't wait :)
 This is what we are thinking of doing to our bedroom when we move. We already have gray bedding and wanted to stick with a gray/black/green theme. I just think using green as our main wall color is too much.  
What do you think?
Also curtesoy to the boy for this lovely image :)

xoxo Meghan

P.S. Sorry I am an hour late...we were gone all night and I fail :(


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