Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Dustin says..

1. Where do you see you and your girlfriend in ten years?
Married, living in Connecticut, 1 kid (plus our little angel baby). Meghan will be working in the NICU, and I will be a SAHD.

[Meghan here...How does my teacher education get me in the NICU!?]

2. If your girlfriend won $1,000, what do you think she would do with it?
Spend it all on baby things and blog stuff. Oh, and whatever the newest Apple Gadget is.

3. What one thing would your girlfriend save if your house was burning?
Her laptop.

4. If you checked the browser history on your girlfriend's computer, which website would show up the most?
Blogger/Google Reader.

5. Complete this sentence: My girlfriend has more ______ than anyone I know.
Leg Hair.

[Meghan again...uhhhh so I don't shave my legs in the winter. Am I really THAT weird?!]

6. How long does it take your girlfriend to get ready to go out (in minutes)?

7. What one item in the house do you make sure your girlfriend NEVER runs out of?
CranGrape Juice.

8. If you compared your girlfriend to a zoo animal, which would she be and why?
A penguin. You know, Socially awkward Penguin?

[He is referring to a meme, which by the way...is sooo me]

9. Fill in the blanks: When my girlfriend wants to_____, I want to _____.
When my girlfriend wants to cuddle, I want to play xbox.

10. My favorite things my girlfriend cooks for me is?
Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

11. If I'm in a bad mood, all my girlfriend needs to do is_____to cheer me up.
Make me food.
I stole this from 2 lovely ladies, go check theirs out!
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Ohhh man, I love him :)
Most of these are what I would have put if answering them about myself!

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