Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Things I love...

Today I had the opportunity to watch baby X again :)
Honestly, nothing makes me  happier than watching him!
We decided to have an impromptu photo sesh with James.

James likes to pretend he is a big brother for a few hours.
Since I used to work in a photo studio James thinks I am some photography genius(I am no where near, especially with NOTHING to work with!)
He wanted to help with this "huge awesome" photo shoot,
here are the results(beware, this is extremely photo heavy!).

This is Baby X, taken by my lovely boyfriend.

We imagine at this point is when he started getting frustrated, hence the fists!

Half smile? Must be doing something right :)

Just kidding. Wrong. Completely Wrong!

Behind the scenes, ignore the baby puke, greasy hair, and odd stash of food in the background!

Here is James, looking MUCH older than 5. 

He has green hair gel in, and he is not very happy that you can't tell!

He has a new name for my blog every day, today he said that for his birthday when he turns 6(which is Jan. 3 btw) That my header needs to say "Happy Birthday James!". Silly kid, I may just have to listen..

He is soooo going to be a heart breaker when he grows up!
[I did not edit these one bit, he is simply sitting on a laundry basket covered in a blanket...it was the best I could do!]

What in the world do you call this face?!

This is now the background on my Computer :) Other than Baby X looking "milk drunk" I just can't get enough of James playing Big Brother!

Just one more :)
[After this picture, James got bored and went to get up, not knowing Baby X can't hold himself up and I was sure he was going to drop him!]

Even though I went to the Doctor today, and had an overall horrible day, once I got baby X things started looking up. I would say my little impromptu photo shoot was not an overall fail :D

xoxo Meghan
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Nicole said...

i love his little tongue sticking out! so adorable.


Ashlee! said...

james is growing up holy cow!

Jacklyn said...

i heart my son

Heather :: AFD Jewelry :: said...

What a couple of cuties!

Meghan said...

Thanks Nicole! I love him to death!


Meghan said...

Thanks Heather! So happy you checked out my blog <3