Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smell The Roses!

This week's task:
Write a list of 5 things that you love about yourself.

1. My Lips. Weird I know. When I was growing up everyone joked around and said I had "spaghetti lips". Don't ask, I don't know!
2.My creativity.

3.How much love I have for my friends, family, and children.

4.My passion for teaching. I can't wait!

5.The way I look in V-Necks. Seriously the only thing I think I look good in!
This is Me with Jay Brannan. He is amazing and you should check him out! I sell merchandise for him whenever he comes to Columbus(this picture was taken less than 2 weeks after being in ICU for a week for Pancreatitis and getting my gall bladder removed).

xoxo Meghan :)

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Jessica said...

Aww yay happy to have you linking up :)
And that's so awesome - I want to be a teacher, too!
SO excited!

Happy (almost) Friday, girl!

Meghan said...

Thank Jessica! Happy to have found your blog :)
Happy almost Friday!