Friday, February 10, 2012

High 5 Friday # 2

I am doing a quick update from my lovely cafe on campus :) 
I will be doing another one tonight for 10 on 10
I wanted to share a funny little thing that recently happened to me. I belong to this page on facebook called "My county Online Yard Sale" And it is people all around our county who post whatever the heck they wanna sell! I met a girl on there, Shelby, and we had so much in common is was CRAZY! We had planned on swapping sweatshirts soon instead of buying them off each other since we are similar in size. Welll we both suck and never met up, and randomly she informs me We are cousins! Like whaaaat?! Turns out my biological dad(who you can read more about here where I write a letter to him and my adoptive Dad) has a sister I never knew about, and she had a son, and Shelby married him. Ta da! You made it through my entire rambling story :) Congrats! 
  I spent the entire day yesterday in the ER with Baby X's mom, thankfully she is okay, just has a lot of things hitting her all at once.

This is my lunch, looks pretty yummy for hospital food, right? Wrong! The Ham and Cheese sandwich you see, had nacho cheese on it. Not normal cheese, nasty gooey nacho cheese. Ugh...just thinking about it is making me feel sick.

My week as consisted of TONS of reading, the downfall of a new semester, Public Speaking, History and Faith, Writing, and the Bible. Overload to the max! Thank god for cranberry juice and yogurt :)

No pretty picture to go along with this, but I get my student loan money soon, and tax money, and let's just say I will be having some nice outfit posts coming up ;)
I can't wait to buy some new threads!

I have never posted about this, but our dryer broke. Completely. So what do we do? Wash all our clothes and haul them to the laundromat...but my lovely mother is going to fix it with her tax moneyyy! WOOOO HOOO!!!
(for all who don't know, I live with my mom while going to school (: )

That's all for this post, gotta head to class :)

xoxo Meghan


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Shelby Wells said...

looooooook! Im mentioned in a BLOG. I am AWESOME.
<3 Your cousin,