Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Love Story

Before I begin, Happy Valentine's Day to all you lovely readers!

4-16-10  My Soulie is over, and we go on the website Chat Roulette. We do our usual, flirt and leave. Or just repeatedly next people because they are nasty and feel the need to get naked. It's a ridiculous site I tell you! But we found these 2 guys. Weird weird guys. One was playing guitar(yankee doodle to be exact) and one was typing to us. We talked for a while, they were nice, not jerks like most you find, and we gave them My cell number as a joke.

4-17-10 The next day I get a text from a random number. Guess who it is? Chat roulette guy. Turns out his name is Dustin, and he is super nice. So we talk, we get to know each other. I was not looking for anything more, I had a boyfriend at the time.

4-23-10 We have been talking nonstop for days. He is cute, we start flirting. My boyfriend and I are having problems and he is my release. He tells me he loves me. Uh huh! You read that right. That soon!

4-30-10 I turn 18(woohoo!), my boyfriend breaks up with me. I realize that maybe Dustin is the one for me.

May-July 2010 I struggle with commitment to Dustin. I cannot handle a long distance relationship, so until we meet I can't be exclusively his. (Oh god, I was so selfish! I regret this period in my life FYI )

August 2010 We meet for the first time. 6 amazing, too short, days full of loving and learning about each other.

September 2010 I move to Connecticut, 650 miles away from everything I know, to be with him.

June 2011
He moves to Ohio with me, to be back where I am from and go to school.

August 2011 Dustin leaves because he is not happy in Ohio.

September 2011 He comes baaaaackk :)

And now, here we are, celebrating our Second Valentine's Day Together!

A couple sidenotes to this post:
-we celebrate our anniversary as the day we met, because there never was an "official" day we started to be together.
-Even though our relationship has been rocky, far away, and difficult, we make the best of it each and every day!
-I will post about this years V-day on Thursday! :)

xoxo Meghan


Kristina said...

Thanks for sharing your story and happy valentines day to you too! Joe and I celebrate our anniversary on the day we met too. Mostly because we met on a Thursday and were together ever since and partly because we don't remember when it became official either, lol.

Meghan said...

Ahhh, so happy we are not the only ones! We were always a "thing" after we met, even when we both denied it!

<3 you!

College Dating said...

Aww. This is the sweetest entry that I have read! :')