Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sponsor Information

Today I am going to share my Sponsor Experiences with you guys.
The good,
The Bad,
And The Ugly.
And oh yes, there has been some ugly. 

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The Good:
I made the switch to Passion Fruit Ads this month,
and so far I love it!
It is so much easier than inputting alllllll the coding yourself.
With Passion Fruit, you enter ONE code!

So from this point on, I will NOT be asking for button codes through email, I'm going to ask you to please fill out a sponsor form here, and I will email for any additional information needed.

&If you notice, I am going to have ONE feature blogger a month, who gets a special post dedicated to them with more information than traditional sponsors :)

The Bad:

I tried doing Google Docs for sponsor information this month, because Cassie does,
and well she just seems so dang organized.
Well guess what?
I hated it. More than anything I have done in the blog world.
I will never be doing it again.

I am currently looking for a better way to organize my sponsor information?
What do you do?
I would love to know! 
Comment or email me and share your secrets!

The Ugly:

Sponsor Spotlight posts are nice, I love 'em.
However, I kinda need my sponsors to get me their info.
I know sometimes life gets in the way (it sure does with me!).

But I had some people I had to email 5 times before I got their info.
I had to move them twice!

So I am going to do 1 or 2 sponsor spotlight posts instead of one every Saturday.

And I am limiting guest posting to the first 4 people who say they want to and I will allow one a week :)

blog blog blog 


P.S. Soon there will be something NEW and BIG on this blog, so keep your eyes open!


Jes said...

I use Passionfruit now too! SO much easier :)
And I look forward to having you as a sponsor for June!

Moe said...

I've seen loads of people switch to passion fruit...I just feel like I need to be in control. I am a control freak with my blog sometimes!!

Not to say give it another go, but I did a sponsorship once where the blogger had me fill out a form created through google docs. That way everything ended up in a spread sheet & you copied & pasted!

Believe me, I am so unorganized with my inbox so sometimes sponsor stuff just slips through. Both for my sponsors & for the blogs I am sponsoring. I am not a control freak about my inbox....which sorta stinks!

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Love that picture!
I share you pain. Sometimes it's overwhelming to keep up with everything.
So far, the best thing I've come up with is labeling my emails like crazy! There is still soooo much to sift through though.