Friday, May 18, 2012

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Who is your biggest inspiration?
Oh boy that's a hard one. I have to say my children. They inspire me to be a better person. To be a better mother. To be closer to God. They inspire my creativity and show me what it's like to be a kid again!
 What is your all time favorite song?
My favorite song is always changing but right now I would have to say is - Miranda Lambert heart like mine.
 If everyone had to read one book in their life, what do you think it should be and why?
As a book lover I cringe at having to pick JUST one!! Your one tough cookie. ;) Hmmm I would have to go with the bible. There is a wealth of information in it and I don't think you would ever feel the same way about what you read more than once. There is always a new message hidden within the words and it speaks to everyone differently.
 Did you do anything special for Mother's Day this year?
I consider it special if that counts! I got to spend the day with my beautiful children that made me a momma & with my husband {who I don't get enough time with}. I got to see my momma and my in laws! Hubby & the boys took me shopping and out to a late lunch. It was a really nice day. :)
 Tell me a little known fact about you:
Hmm... I love music. Depending on my mood will depend on the type of music I listen to in the moment. But for the most part I like all types. Country, hip hop, rock, christian.. really there is good songs in just about every category!

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