Saturday, May 26, 2012

**DIY Guest Post**

Right about now, I am either at a soccer game, or on my way to a soccer game. 
I can't wait to share pictures and the story of my miracle nephew :)
But for now, I want you to meet one of my awesome sponsors and see her DIY!

Hello! My name is mK and I blog over at From The Guest Room! I am thrilled to be guest posting for Meghan today! Over at my blog, I love to write about life, fashion, food, hospitality, faith and much much more! I hope you will stop by! One thing I love doing is finding a good deal, and even better then a good deal --- is paying zippo and making something cool out of another thing I might just throw away!

I saw potential in a wine bottle I had a while back! I love the look of old bottles and I also love the look of yarn, so put 'em together and you've got this beautiful up-cycled vase! To start, you'll need to gather just a few things: yarn of your color choice. I used thick yarn in green because I have a lot of greens and yellows in my dinning room. You'll also need a paint brush, some Modge Podge, a glue gun and glue stick and of course, an empty, clean wine bottle. I reccomend a nice Riesling bottle because, well, it taste good while cleaning it out! Wink Wink!

After your bottle is clean, cover it in Modge Podge. You might want to do this in phases depending on how fast you can move because the glue tends to dry quickly. Next, you will need to glue one end of the yarn to the bottom edge of the bottle.

Begin wrapping the yarn tightly to the bottle. For best results, keep each layer close to the next!

When you reach the top, glue the other end! Allow it to dry completely. Then, fill it with something pretty! I chose to add twigs to mine as I love the look of raw materials mixed with something pretty! I keep it in the center of my dinning room table along with a few other items for show! 

Enjoy! And, I hope you'll come introduce yourself over at my blog! I'd love it! ♥, mK
How cute is that?!
Go leave her some love on her blog and I'll be back soon with TONS of pictures from this weekend.
[And the past 2 weeks, don't judge!]
xoxo Meghan

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Salena Lee said...

Hi Megan, Not sure if it's just me but no photos are showing. It just shows the little box error.