Thursday, May 10, 2012

Money Hungry

I seriously think that people are just money hungry these days!

If you follow me on twitter, 
you know a couple days ago I got a bill from the school I withdrew from.
A bill.
And I was specifically told I was in the clear with them, no money owed.
 Almost 2 months ago at that!

I am beyond upset and angry.
I don't have $880 to shell out!
I paid them Almost 30 grand for the crappy education I got.

Okay enough ranting, 
I love the school, I really do.
It's just a lot of people at the school.
And the amount of money they are constantly trying to get from you.

I'm unsure where I am going this fall.
Ohio State?
I want to be there.
I love the small campus(it's a branch).
I would love living away from home again.
But I can't get ahold of anyone in housing.
I don't want to live without Dustin, again.

Or a small Tech School here to finish my Gen Eds?
It's right next to my mom's work.
It's cheap as crap!
I can stay at home.
I can work again!

What do you think?

 Even after all the discouragement and troubles I've gone through since High School,
I still want to go to college. I still want to be a teach.

And I just got an awesome opportunity,
and some hope for people in this world that aren't money hungry.

They contacted me to write this post, but even if they hadn't, I would probably still be writing this.

They are dirt cheap.
And I mean that!

Psychology, David G. Myers, 1429215976 

I had to use this Psychology book last semester.
Our bookstore only offered it to us brand new and I paid...
Well they have it for $20 a semester!

How ridiculous was my bookstore?
I will never be getting books anywhere else again!

And as if that is not good enough, 
they also partner with.. 

Since partnering with them, they have donated over 1,000 life changing surgeries!
Are they not the best company ever?
I sure think so!


Jessica @ Lovely Little Things said...

I love this company and what they do :)
It's so awesome that they don't rip people off AND still manage to give back! Boo to being money hungry!

Happy Thursday, girl!

Kassi @ Truly Lovely said...

I hear ya... College costs money. And the more they can squeeze out of you the better! I did my undergrad and grad program all at one place... It still cost a whole lot!

chantilly said...

don't even get me started on colleges and how they rip people off... i wonder, do you have the name of the person/ people that told you that you owe nothing more? sometimes it takes a lot of annoying calling around to get things straightened out, but it can be done.

Katie said...

Oh man I so know how you feel! College is so expensive! I ended up transferring from a four year school to a tech school for my generals. I save a ton of money. I also did the textbook rental thing. I literally saved thousands of dollars!