Monday, May 21, 2012

E.L.F. Cosmetics!

I have heard a lot of things about E.L.F. Cosmetics.
Or, Eyes.Lips.Face.

Both good and bad.

But for the price, I wanted to find out myself.

 Everything pictured about cost me $15 with a free shipping code.
And if you join their email list, they are constantly offering sales!
So here's what I got:
1. Mineral Foundation, this was not for me though, so no review on this one :(
2. Zit Zapper, at $1 each I knew it was something I had to buy for me and my soulie to test out!
3. Brightening Eyeliner in Black
4. Hypershine Lipgloss, don't remember the color (more on this later!)
5. Shine Eraser sheets!
6. Eyelash Curler
7. Matte Nailpolish Top Coat
Shine Eraser Sheets:
I have tried so many different brands, I have a super oily face!
And this brand isn't bad! I prefer the clean&clear ones, but I do like these more than Mary Kay!
My only complaint is they kinda rip/disintegrate the more oil they pick up.
But they did their job and that's what really matters!
Eyelash Curler:
Uhh well, it's still in it's package. Sorry! I will have to post again on it once I try it!
But it did come with a replacement pad which was nice :)

Brightening Eyeliner:
First off, this stuff is as waterproof as it gets and it doesn't even say waterproof on it!
I'm not sure that it does any "brightening" of my eyes though...not sure what to expect anyways ;)
It goes on flawlessly, lasts all day, doesn't smudge, and it's only $1!
Hypershine Lipgloss:
I am not a big lip gloss/lip stick kind of girl, I'm happy with my Soft Lips, but I am realllly wanting something with a little more color. So I figured I couldn't beat this!
I put it on, and hated it. HATED it. 
It smelled bad, it was sticky, not just at first, the whole 15 minutes I left it on.
It tasted bad(what? I used to love my tasty chapsticks :P)
And the brush part already lost bristles after one use!
It went straight in the trash.
I'm bummed too!

Zit Zapper:
After using this a couple times a day, for a few days, I noticed a HUGE improvement!
(I plan to do a whole post on what I use with my face, and how horrible I break out)
I tend to get this HUGE pimples on my chin/jaw line, usually one or two a month, no big deal right?
They never go away! They are huge and gross and yuck!
Well after a day of using this(probably 3 times) it shrank to half it's size!
I was beyond happy with this product :)

(first, you see that crumb in my bed? Yeah, toddlers and doritos aren't allowed in the bed anymore!)
Matte Nail Finisher:
I don't have a picture of my nails, because I am saving that for it's own post.
But at $2 a bottle this stuff is to die for!
It's almost instant, dries super fast, and it goes a LONG way.
It's funny, the same day I bought this I saw some at wal-mart and it was only $1.50, and I was thinking "Dang, cheaper and no shipping cost!?"
But it SUCKED!
So happy I got this :)

Also am I the only one who "tests" nail polish out at the store? I feel like now that I shared that I'm gonna look like I steal things or something...Hmmm. 
I hope you don't see it that way! haha

Have you tried E.L.F. Cosmetics before?
What do you think?
Have any other cheap but nice quality makeup you use?
I'm on the lookout!

xoxo Meghan


jess said...

I love e.l.f but they are hit or miss! My favorite right now is the tinted moisturizer. I have break-out-prone skin and it doesn't clog my pores and provides nice coverage for a lazy no-makeup day. :)

TicoTina said...

oooh, thanks for reminding me that I love ELF! I can't for the life of me remember what I've used of theirs, but I am definitely going to have to check some of this stuff out!

and thanks for checking out our new Girl Talk feature =)

Bree said...

Oooo! I have yet to see their matte nail finisher! I'm going to have to look again next time! :))

Brittany said...

Oooh so glad u did an ELF review! i've got to try that zip zapper and the black pencil eyeliner! I ALWAYS have to use waterproof liner/mascara and always on the lookout for a great product! I tried that lipgloss too and disliked it very much it was so dang sticky and i made a mess trying to get it out lol! I'm using the tinted moisturizer ($3) like Jess above and love it as well. I also have 2 of their eyeshadow palettes and like them. pretty good quality for the price. ANother fairly cheap brand of makeup is NYX found at Ulta. I dont have many of their products YET but want more and heard good stuff about it! Oh and i use NYC waterproof black pencil eyeliner that i like, i think it's about $3 as well (found at walmart too!) :)