Friday, May 25, 2012

Peep Please!

Have you met Jes from Two Smuppies?
If you haven't, 
Sucks to suck!

She is one of my bloggy favs, and lets be honest,
I wish my experience with flowsephina could be half as entertaining!
[Or not. But really...]

So without any more awkward text,
My Fridge.

Full Body Shot ;)
This whole shelf is usually dedicated to drink, but I spy some butter an yogurt hiding back there!

1. Our HUGE jug of even has a pump. I mean that's normal right?
2. Cran-Grape Juice. My addiction. I go through 2-5 GALLONS a week. I may have a problem :/
3. My puppy, aka Delilah, thinks she needs special food. This crap stinks!

1. This entire drawer is cheese. 4 bags, and 2 packs of slices. We like cheese!
2. Our obscene amount of lunch meat, we got 2 more containers today.
3. My mom and her girlfriend(the evil stepmother...forrealzz) only drink pop.
4. I made some apple crisp!
5. Boyfriend likes his BBQ rice...gross...looks like worms!
6. Random can of beer someone gave me for my mom to try. It's been there since New Years.

1. I like to keep desserts around so I keep my "chip" options open.
2. Baby current snack of choice.
3. Our drawer of random. That pie crust is from Thanksgiving. We don't eat cool whip. You get the gist? I wouldn't serve this stuff when you come visit, promise!

I think you can tell what most of this is!

1. Did I mention we like cheese?
2. Pear Butter! You know, like Apple Butter? (I haven't tried it, but I plan to force it on the boyfriend toast sometime in the near future, in case you care..)
3. Teriyaki Sauce. The Boy insisted we get it. Yuck!

Again, I think you get the gist of the majority of the fridge.

1. Taco Bell's Ranchero Sauce. The Boy nearly died when he saw it, thus why it is on the door of our fridge. (Barely used in case you were wondering)
2. Momma's Humira. Wanna hear a funny story? Before we moved we had dog vaccines, flu vaccines, and Humira in our fridge. You never know what you'll find living with a nurse ;)

I am super nosy, and loved going through everyone else's fridges ;)
Hope you enjoy mine!

Sorry for posting so late, you'll see another post I scheduled for this evening!
I'm going to be busy 90% of the weekend, so sorry if things get behind 'round here!

xoxo Meghan

Two Smuppies


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, LOVE the soda holder-thingy!! Where'd you get it? :)

A Muse in Purple said...

That drink caddy is the bomb!! Oh it's so lovely my organized heart just fluttered with excitement!

Jes said...

HAHAHA "Sucks to suck!"??? So happy that you're a June sponsor :)

And thanks for linking up! Flowsephina loved looking inside your fridge and she's making me find those soda racks.