Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I blog..

I started blogging as a way to talk to people with PCOS
 (notice the new tab up in pages ^)
That was a flop.

But I still yearned to make a difference.
And I wanted to reach out.
So I decided to post about my life, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

And look where I am! 
I have such loyal followers and I could not be more thankful.
It is moments like the one below that show me, I am doing something right.

In reference to this post,
my soulie said:

My dear best friend,
I read this quickly through the first time, and just now went back through and read it with tears streaming down my face. This is all so real to me. Suicide is not something to joke about. That week, that car ride, that first phone call, broke my heart. I thank God everyday that i said i loved you that night, I thank God everyday for that pastor in the psych ward I thank God everyday that he allowed you to have another chance at this crazy life. I thank him for giving me my best friend back. I do not know what i would have done without you. I am so in love with the fact you are better now. & i know times get rough but you always pull through. You love with your whole heart and smile bigger than anyone i know. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. i love you meghan, and i am always touched my your story, your journey has just begun. I love you <3

Now do you understand why I love her?
Why no matter what happens, I just have to tell her?
(sometimes even when I know I didn't make her proud)
She is my backbone and always has been.
&as for the night she is talking about up there, I do plan to share for you. 
I promise I will do my best so that you won't be crying at the end of the post,
but honestly, you probably will be.

I love each and every one of my readers. Every comment means the world to me.
I have gotten several comments and emails from strangers as sweet as this one from my BFF.
You really should check out her blog, Sunny With A Chance Of Awkward, she is adorable, and you will understand why I love her so much!

xoxo Meghan

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