Sunday, March 18, 2012

**GUEST POST** Brittany

I am extremely excited to have Brittany share on my blog today. She is so sweet and kind! She does some pretty awesome make up tutorials on her blog, you should check them out :)
She is one of the first people I became friends with in the blog world.
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Hi Struggling Cyster readers!
My name is Brittany and I blog over at Bee Littlequeen   I write about my single life happenings which covers family, faith, friends, makeup tutorials, craft projects, and any other silly random thoughts that spring up in my head. I was so happy & honored when Meghan asked me if i wanted to do a guest post! I think she is so sincere and cool! Isn't lovely being able to connect with other women through blogging, especially when we may live so far apart? I think so! I love meeting new people, so leave a comment, say hi and if you blog, where you are at & i'll make sure to check it out! :)

Today, I am going to share with you eight random things about me in hopes that you get to know me better, plus I just love being random. It must have to do with my [sometimes] witty, dry sense of humor.

My favorite drink is coffee---hot or cold! I am addicted to starbucks. I go through a rotation of drinks I get there, usually an iced mocha, but if i am being good, i'll get a tall coffee frap light. Besides coffee, i do enjoy  tea, my faves are blueberry or peach iced tea! yummm!

I CANT stand commercials. This means that I'll seriously watch 2-3 shows at one time lol, especially on monday nights right now when gossip girl, hart of dixie and the voice is on at the same time/s!

I LOVE sending or getting old fashioned regular snail mail. I know the postal system may be cutting back on service days :(, but I think I am definitely helping in keeping them busy! I will turn into Kevin Costner of The Postman if the postal system ever becomes extinct! It might sound nerdy of me (but idc), but i get so excited when i get new notecards or postage stamps!

I can wiggle my ears WITHOUT touching them! hahaha. I have to concentrate and try not to laugh when showcasing this odd talent to others.
I am a book worm! I love reading: books,magazines and blogs! :) I've read the entire Hunger Games series and can't wait to see the movie which comes out march 23!! Have any of you read them, what did you think? I thought the books were well written, enticing but really bizarre! For mags: i read People, Family Circle, Allure, O Oprah's magazine the most.

I love color! Colorful would be a great word to describe my personality, my bedroom, my makeup bag and my closet! I usually like wearing bright colored nailpolish on my toes! Two of the walls in my room are a creamy yellow, which remind me of sunny days. Plus, my aunt just sent me a lovely reddish-orange lipstick by M.A.C in lady danger and i love it!

i am an animal lover, especially dogs & horses. Someday I will have a baby dog or two or three. We are not allowed to have pets where I live, so someday soon. I definitely think i got my love for animals for my nana L and my mom.

On pinterest, I pin ideas & things for my 'dream wedding' even though i don't have a boyfriend and am not engaged. Do you think that's silly?

There you have it ladies! A big thank you to Meghan for hosting me! xo


jess said...

Hi Meghan {and Brittany}! I'm stopping over from the live.laugh.rowe blog hop. I love your blog! I am a cyster too. :) I'm off to check out Bee Littlequeen now!

Kir Gallo said...

Brittany #8 is not crazy at all! Doesn't hurt to plan! Following from Sunday Social!

Brittany said...

Thank you again for hosting me meghan! It's so fun to 'meet' other bloggers! :)

kir- lol thank you for the confirmation! :) I'm gonna go check out your blog as well as Jess-hiii girl!

Meghan said...

Brittany is such an amazingly sweet lady! I am extremely blessed to have her as my friend!

Thanks for the blog love :)