Wednesday, January 23, 2013

When it all fell down...


Dustin and I share the master bedroom of the trailer.
(We live here with my mom & her girlfriend)

We have the only closet in the house.
I let my mom's girlfriend use it,
I use it,
Dustin uses it,
Our board games live here,
most of my baby stuff lives here.

And well,
my closet decided it was DONE.

At 5 am it decided to come down,

Dustin and I woke up convinced that someone broke in and we were going to die.
I'm not sure how much of a relief the mess was ;)

The photo above is after an hour of cleaning and getting the shelf to barely hang there while empty.
Pain in my butt.

Excuse me in motion, looking quite the mess.
But this is what our room ended up looking like.
A disaster.
A headache.
A money hungry closet.

I did the only thing I knew how,
called Grandpa.
He always saves the day.
He is pretty amazing.

My closet is not fixed, but it is standing!

And next month we are tearing everything out and installing some new shelves and rods and cabinets!
Is this how you know you are growing up?
When closet organizing becomes exciting?

Anyways, life only gets better from here ;)


Sara said...

Oh man! I'd be scared out of my mind! :<

Stephine Moore said...

Holy crap, that would scare the bajesus out of me! Thank goodness for handy men.

I think getting excited while organizing does mean we're getting old :P haha