Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm Baaaaacck!

I have taken the longest bloggy break ever.
I have missed this!

[Right now I am most likely sitting in the middle of an interview! Good luck and prayers are needed!]

I have a bunch of posts I want to write, but I thought I would start with something super fun.

I honestly don't even remember how we bumped into each other online,
but an awesome Perfectly Posh consultant sent me some samples.

I have had them for quite a while but have yet to try them because I got hit with bronchitis. 
Then the flu. 
Then a cold.
No joke, I was out for 2 or 3 weeks from this stuff!

Anyways, back to the good stuff.
She sent me a bunch of things, but I have only tried a few.

First up was the Gender Bender bar.

This stuff was heaven.
Not an exaggeration.
Pure bliss, I tell ya!

I have ridiculously oily skin,
like sometimes even after I shower and wash my face it is still oily.

After I used this it was perfect. 
Guys, my face has never not been oily.
After washing with this for a few days,
I have noticed a huge improvement with the oil.
No more washing my face 5 times a day!

After using the Gender Bender soap,
I tried out The Stripper.
(aren't you the tiniest bit interested because of the names alone? ha!)

You rub this on your face and let it sit for a while.
(like long enough to take the polish off your fingers and toes!)

I was warned it would tingle a little,
and tingle it does!
I was worried at first 
(I'm overly paranoid)
thinking maybe I was allergic,

This is how it looks once on.
Sexy huh?
Dustin thought this would be a perfect time to let me know how unattractive face masks are.
However he did say it smelled good :)

Once I took it off, my face was BABY BUTT smooth.
I was so excited I ran around my whole house and made everyone feel...
..they were not as excited.

I then hopped in the shower, 
but once I got out I put on some
Sugar Fix Scrub!

This stuff not only smells delicious,
but added to the softness of my skin!

If it were edible, 
I would surely sneak a taste.
Did I seriously say that out loud?

Finally I put on some of 
The Liberator

It's a vitamin E stick you use around your eyes.
It feels similar to chapstick ;)

Now that I have shared the most unattractive photo of me,
and talked non stop about beauty products,
you're probably wondering how much and if I liked them,

Well, I guess you will need to stop back by tomorrow and find out!

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Brittany T. said...

i think we all missed you! welcome back! and WOW what awesome products you got to try! I seriously need the gender bar! Oily face is SO not fun! lol