Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sometimes, there are only words.

Hi babygirl.

Mommy misses you terribly.

Right before I lost you, I got to the point where I found myself touching my belly without meaning to.

I miss that. I miss you.

This would be your first holiday season. 

You would be crawling!

How crazy is that thought?

I hope you're having fun up there with your grandpa.

Ha, grandpa. Something you wouldn't have if you were here with me.

I know he is taking great care of you, he took great care of me.

You are in my mind all the time.

Since Arianna has been here, I let her wear your clothes sometimes.

She is so stinking cute in them! I know you would be too.

I bet you'd have mommy's blonde hair :)

I don't buy you things anymore, but I cherish my suitcase full of your things.

You influence my daily life, I will make a difference for you Izzy.

I promise, I have to make you proud(and grandpa!).

I hope you look down on me and are thankful that I'm your mommy.

I love you beautiful.

your heartbroken momma 


Dustin said...

I don't ever comment on your blog posts. I've never really cared about all this blogging stuff.
I miss her just as much as you do. She changed my life, and even if you and I are together or not, she's still my babygirl. Not a day goes by where I don't look at her shoes and get all emotional. I know your dad was an amazing guy, and he's taking really good care of his grandaughter, just like he took care of you.

Brittany T. said...

meghan, what a sweet sweet post to your baby girl Izzy. I misss you like crazy and so sorry I havent been around much lately--Ive had some things going on and seriously have emails that i need to reply to from 3 weeks ago! I think of you often...and would like to send you a note in the mail soon. For sure, i'll send you a Christmas cards once i get that whole list, addresses organized! :) lots of love