Thursday, April 28, 2011

Growing & Changing

I realized today, that so many things in my life are changing. I am growing as a person, I am slowly becoming the person I have always dreamed of being and there is no better feeling than knowing that I am achieving this!

*I have been accepted to college, paid my deposit, scheduled ,my orientation, and soon I will have my financial aid sorted out. This is a big deal. I have taken a year off from college, unintentionally, and I am so ready to start. I am ready to start my life. No excuses, this is it.

*I found out a very close friend of the family is in the hospital and in a coma. No one knows why this happened, but thankfully she is stable. (Prayers Please!) She has been there for my mom since before I was born, and I am hoping that if it is her time to go, that it can wait until I am home to say my goodbyes. I know my mom is having a hard time with this, and I just hope everything works out.

*My godson is officially at 24 weeks gestation! Woohoo! Past the halfway point. His mommy has been in my life since I was very young, and although we aren't technically related, we say we are cousins. We're doing his nursery in Turtles&Frogs. I cannot wait to decorate it with his mommy! Her life is changing, she has someone new to care for, but she has always wanted this, this is her dream. And it's here. I love you Parker! <3

*My job is crazy, I learn so much. I love it so much. Yeah, I may have a screaming, smelly kid every now and then. It's the ones who sit there so perfectly, and when mom&dad she the pictures, their faces light up, that make it everything I could every want. When I do a sitting with a newborn, and they lay so peacefully and let me shoot away, I know I am doing what is best for me. I love taking pictures!

*Speaking of pictures, and my godson, I am doing Maternity pictures in June/July for them, I will have to get permission to post a couple pictures! And of course, I will be doing his pictures growing up. This little guy is already spoiled :)

*I'm going back to Ohio. In 34 days. I gave my boyfriend the choice to come with me, because that is why I moved here. To be with him. But he has to step up and get the money himself plus be able to pay my mom rent. It's going to be hard, but if he can do it, I will be so proud. Otherwise I suppose we are done. I miss Ohio, everything there, everyone there. And the new friends I have made back home since being gone.

*I feel like such a stronger person than I was 7 months ago when I left home. Wow. Seven months. Over a half a year. I still can't get over how long it has been. I miss my mom, and slowly I see parts of her growing in me. Oh god, when they told me I was going to be my mom when I grew up, I never really believed it! That's okay by me though, my mom is one amazing, and strong woman. If I become half the person she is, I will be happy <3

Now that I have successfully caught up with my blog, I am heading out of here. Eye doctor appointment soon, which means new glasses! Which means, I will post a picture :)


p.s. Check out Boyce Avenue! They are amazing!

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