Sunday, September 23, 2012

Canvas Nursery Art!

About a month ago we had a craft party!
We all brought snacks, made punch, and ordered pizza.
Each one of us brought the supplies for a craft to share with the others.

This one was our canvas art project, 
we decided to use paint&glitter and come up with something awesome :)
 My canvas is the black one in the bottom right.
You know, the one sopping wet with paint.
But the Nursery one I made is the gray one above mine.

I used masking tape to put the letters
X + A
on it.
[Xavier and Arianna]

Then I covered the entire thing with mod podge,
dumped a TON of glitter on it and waited a few minutes.
Once I peeled the tape off this is what we saw. 
[For the glitter part we did it inside a cookie sheet so we could save extra and not make a huge mess]

Here is the final product!
All cleaned up and sealed on.

What was the verdict with mommy?
She loved it!

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Ira said...

Hi :)
I like this glitter :) I think, it is very nice.
It seems that craft party is really very cool and interesting :))