Friday, September 7, 2012

A Little Curious

I have a BIG announcement.

But first, a little random facts about me.

I'm terrified of butterflies.
  I moved 12 hours away to live with my boyfriend of 5 months.
 I can't wait to have babies, I would tomorrow if possible.
  90% of my family is not even related to me.
 Ashlee and I have a VERY unhealthy friendship :) We like it that way!
 To this day, Simple Plan is my favorite band.
My guilty pleasure is watching chick flicks.
I won't let my feet hang off the bed because of the "monster" underneath.
 I can successfully go through many levels of COD without ever shooting, it's a gift :)
I was adopted.
My mom is a lesbian, my dad was gay. :D:D
 I refuse to let anyone see my feet without my toenails painted.
Favorite 2 teachers, Ms. Daniels & Mrs. Crumm(who will have their own appearances on here!)
I was a debate geek in high school, and I miss it more than you can imagine.
My favorite books to read are about death/suicide/depression/drugs.
I hated popcorn until my boy's mom ate it all the time and I started to.
I was the messiest person until I had no job, no school, and no life. Now I'm a neat freak.
I hate Jim Carey, Jack Black, and Jane Lynch.
I plan to become a teacher because of my love for kids.
Monopoly=my game.

Now for the announcement....

In November I will be opening a shop!
I'm not going in to many details right now,
but I will let you know,

 it is going to have a Baby Loss line <3
its going to have ever changing content,
(of course I'll keep some things constant,
and it's called....

A Little Curious!

I can't wait to share more with you :)


jess said...

Awww, I love learning a little bit more about you! AND congratulations on the shop, girl. It sounds so wonderful! :)

Brooke @ Covered in Grace said...

Can't wait to see the stuff in your shop!!